Lara Rivera
Home Show
Home Show

The specific spaces painted in this series come from the point where homes meet the street. This is where private and personal choices of living are expressed to the public and also become a buffer zone of protection for the private realm inside. I was interested in the different characters of these spaces and the specific details that define them and their inhabitants intentions. However average and even haphazard these may be, I'm intrigued by what they convey about the ownership of space and the value aspirations inherent in it.

As part of the launch edition of, these paintings are exhibited as photographs online, I wanted to take advantage of that format by broadening the photographic frame to include another context. The interaction of paintings with the place they are hung and the people viewing them is a similar concern for me. I chose the temporary and generically pleasing scene of a hotel room to echo the painted space and emphasize the momentary nature of these interactions.