Lara Rivera
EntrancesHousesConstructionRusplekFacebrick IGreenlandDowntown IIDowntown III
Houses and buildings are continually recurring in my work. (see “drawings 2007”). I return to this often, never able to properly articulate my fascination for this subject.

"In figurative painting there is an intervention between an object and its beholders. And the object in this case is also a construction – Home - one of those words adored by advertising copywriters. “Home” is no specific thing but an idea: transforming land and materials into status, a medium for myth-making, a sanctuary of memory and longing".

Over the years I have made paintings of houses in various states of completion or decay. I sometimes explore the processes of home building as an in-between state - where the future result is still unseen or the structure is an embodiment of changing or unattainable desires. Sometimes I try to make sweet and soft colours that freeze these dynamics in a perpetual dream of newness and hope.